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Explicit & Systematic Reading and Spelling Strategies: Reaching all Students: Emerging Readers, Struggling Readers & ELL
Please join us for the two part workshop in Partnership with Reading Horizons!

AM: In this engaging, hands-on presentation, participants will learn practical strategies for explicit and systematic reading instruction that can be immediately used in the classroom. The strategies taught make sense of the English Language - explaining why we read, spell, and pronounce words the way we do - so that when students encounter new and unfamiliar words, they are equipped with the skills to recognize and use these words independently.
*Best practices for multi sensory direct instruction effective for ELL and struggling readers of all ages.
*Research-based strategies that can be used in a variety of settings to support acquisition of reading, writing, and spelling skills.
*Practical applications for increasing reading success with older students across the curriculum.


Traditionally, spelling curriculum in the early grades has been disconnected from reading instruction. Each week, students attempt to memorize a list of words that are not aligned with the letter patterns taught during phonics instruction—only to misspell the same words in their writing the day after they pass a spelling test.

Do your students get 100% on Friday’s spelling test but can’t spell the same words correctly in their writing on Monday?
Do you have students who are constantly asking you how to spell words they are using in their writing?
Are some of your students reading on or above grade level, but can’t spell the words they can read?

In this interactive workshop, we will play games and participate in hands-on activities that you can start using right away to help improve spelling for your students. Learn how to address this skills gap by integrating reading and spelling instruction. Explicit spelling instruction integrated with quality decoding instruction has a much stronger and more immediate influence on the reading and writing development of each student than decoding instruction alone.

With the strategies we will learn, students will no longer have to throw their hands up in frustration when presented with a word that was never on a specific spelling list. Instead, they can use the information they’ve learned about letter patterns and predictable spelling rules to figure new words out for themselves. With the right instruction, spelling can be more than just rote memorization, it can become a skill that grows stronger over time.

- a light lunch will be served - if you have special dietary needs, please let us know at least one week prior to the workshop.

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Lake County High School Technology Campus Lake County Educational Services 19525 W. Washington St. Grayslake, IL 60030
Chloe Beauford, Dave Jackson
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Staff Development
Teachers, Curriculum Directors, Special Education Directors, RTI Teams, Title I Teams, Reading Specialists, Principals, Instructional Coaches
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$40 Lake County Coop Members $50 All Others
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