Professional Development Courses

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Event ID Title Date(s) Category Status
AD81057 A.A. #3000,#3001,#3002 Principal/Teacher Evaluator Retraining Student Growth 06/09/2020 Admin Acad  Open
30 seats left
AD81066 A.A.#2001 Teacher Evaluator Initial Training- Illinois Performance Evaluation 06/10/2020 Admin Acad  Open
3 seats left
AD81061 A.A. #1801 Gathering Evidence During Observations and Conferencing Using the Danielson Model 06/15/2020 Admin Acad  Open
34 seats left
AD81080 A.A. #1865 Principal Evaluator Competency Skill Building for Pre-Qualified Principal Evaluators 06/18/2020 Admin Acad  Open
36 seats left
AD81072 A.A. #1414 Communicating with Staff Regarding Performance Assessment (And Delivering the Messages We Dread To Give!) 06/23/2020 Admin Acad  Open
29 seats left
AD81084 A.A. 1819 - High Impact Leadership: What Matters Most for Improving Student Results and Leading Innovative Teaching and Learning 09/17/2020 Admin Acad  Open
85 seats left